Why Do Ferrets Lick You?

Ferrets are very curious creatures by nature and they love to explore everything they can with their mouths. This includes you! When a ferret licks you, it is simply because they want to investigate you and figure out what you taste like.

Interestingly enough, ferrets have a very keen sense of smell and can odor-track their owners from up to six feet away. This means that when your ferret starts licking you, they may first be trying to catch your scent.

In the wild, ferrets engage in a behaviour known as “furgling” where they will lick each other’s faces to share scent and form social bonds. It is believed that pet ferrets often lick their humans as a way of trying to form a similar bond.

So, why do ferrets lick you? There are a few different reasons, but ultimately it comes down to curiosity and the desire to establish a close bond with you. If you find your ferret’s licking behaviour to be annoying, simply provide them with a small towel or rag to lick instead.

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