When Ferrets Stop Teething?

When Do Ferrets Stop Teething?

Ferrets are cute and playful animals that make great companions. One of the questions that some owners have is when do ferrets stop teething?

When Does Ferret Teething Start?

Ferret teething typically begins around 3 to 4 months of age. At this time, the baby ferret’s baby teeth (or “milk teeth”) will start to come in.

Signs of Teething

Your ferret may show some teething pain or discomfort. Signs that may indicate your ferret is teething include:

  • Chewing – Your ferret may chew and nibble on items with their gums, as this can help to soothe the gums.
  • Extra Sleep – Teething can be a tiring process. You may notice your ferret sleeping more than usual.
  • Excessive Salivation – Teething can cause drooling and increase the production of saliva.

When Does Teething Stop?

Your ferret’s teething is usually complete by the time they are 6 months old. At this time, their adult teeth will fully replaced the baby teeth. It’s important to brush your ferret’s teeth regularly to keep the adult teeth clean and healthy.


Teething is an important part of a ferret’s development. While it may cause some discomfort, it’s a natural process that all ferrets go through. Knowing when their teething starts and stops can help you understand your ferret and make sure they’re happy and healthy.

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