When Do Ferrets Stop Growing?

When Do Ferrets Stop Growing?

Ferrets are often seen as mischievous, cute and funny pets. And when you adopt one, you want to know when they’ll reach their full-grown size. With proper care, you can be sure that your furry friend will grow and thrive in their lifetime.

An Overview of Ferrets’ Growth Cycles

On average, ferrets will reach their full size and weight when they are between 8-10 months old. However, some ferrets may not reach their full size until they are a year old. Generally speaking, ferrets will have gained most of their adult height, length and weight within the first few months of life.

Factors That Influence Growth

Just like humans, a ferret’s growth can be affected by several factors. These can include genetics, health and lifestyle.

  • Genetics: Genetics plays a factor in their size, as a ferret’s parents and their genetics may cause them to reach their full size earlier or later than average.
  • Health: Ferrets that are healthy typically will reach their full height and weight sooner than ferrets that are not. Poor diets, lack of exercise and neglect can slow down their growth rate.
  • Lifestyle: The lifestyle of the ferret can also stretch or shorten their growth rate. If a ferret is active and healthy, they may reach their full size sooner than a ferret that is more lazy or not taken care of properly.

Are Ferrets Ever “Done” Growing?

Ferrets are considered completely adult when they are between 1-2 years old, though many ferrets can reach their full size by the 8-10 month mark. After that, it is unlikely that a ferret will get any bigger, though their diet can influence their muscle mass.

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Ferrets are small and adorable animals, and it can be exciting when they reach the full size. Generally, ferrets reach their full size and weight between 8-10 months of age, though their parents genetics and lifestyle can influence their growth. So, if you’ve adopted a ferret, you likely don’t have long to wait before it reaches its full size.