What Do Angora Ferrets Look Like?

Angora Ferrets: What Do They Look Like?

Angora ferrets are a unique and beautiful subspecies of the domestic ferret. As with all ferrets, they are long, and slender, with a soft and usually smooth fur. Angora ferrets are known for their especially long, soft fur in particular and can come in a variety of colors, each with its own appeal.

Face and Ears

The face of an Angora ferret is generally round and soft looking, with smaller ears and nose than other ferret breeds. The fur on their face is usually shorter than that on their body and, unlike other ferret breeds, they don’t usually have any visible facial markings.

Body and Fur

The body of an Angora ferret is similar to other ferret breeds, slender and long, though their fur is longer and softer. The fur on their bellies is usually even longer and softer, enough for the ferret to tuck into when sleeping, giving them a “hammock bed” to rest in, and allowing your ferret to stay warm and comfortable, even during cold winter months.

The fur of an Angora ferret usually comes in a variety of colors, including:

  • Champagne, which looks like a light brownish-gray,
  • Sable, which is a dark, almost black color,
  • Silver, which is a light silver,
  • Albino, which is a white to yellowish-white color,
  • And Little Mask, which is a unique black and white color combination,


The tail of an Angora ferret is usually long and fuzzy, making it even more of a joy to pet and play with.

Overall Appearance

Overall, an Angora ferret is an amazing and beautiful sight, with its long and soft fur, gentle face, and charming tail. If you’re looking for a ferret to add to your home, look no further than an Angora ferret, you won’t be disappointed.

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