How Ferrets Stink?

How Ferrets Stink?

Ferrets are small, playful creatures, but one thing about them which is difficult to ignore is their distinctive odor. Many potential ferret owners are concerned that their furry friends will stink up their homes. So, how bad is the ferret smell, and is there anything that can be done?

Why Do Ferrets Smell?

Ferrets are naturally smelly creatures. They have a very strong musky scent which can be pretty overpowering if it is not managed. This strong scent is mostly caused due to their glands, which they use to mark their territory. When the ferret’s territory is violated by another ferret, the glands will become more active and the scent will be at its strongest.

What Can Be Done To Combat The Smell?

Fortunately, there are several ways to help minimize the musky smell that ferrets emit. Some of the most effective methods are listed below:

    – Regular Baths: Ferrets should be given regular baths in order to help keep them clean and the smell under control.
    – Cage Cleaning: Cleaning the ferret’s cage regularly will help to reduce the number of musk-producing glands and reduce the overpowering smell.
    – Air Fresheners: Air fresheners can help to reduce and cover up the smell of the ferret and even help to keep the ferret’s area clean.
    – Scented Bedding: Scented bedding can help to reduce and mask the strong scent of the ferret.


Ferrets are naturally smelly creatures and the musky scent can be quite overpowering. However, there are several ways to help combat the smell, such as regular bathing, cage cleaning and the use of air fresheners and scented bedding. With some care and dedication, the smell of ferrets can be successfully managed.