Ferrets and Chinchillas Do They Get Along?

Ferrets and Chinchillas: Do They Get Along?

Compatibility between two animals can be a tricky business. The same is true for ferrets and chinchillas. Although these two species might not be best buddies, it is still possible for them to live together peaceably – but it will require some effort of their owners.

Reasons to Keep Dogs Apart

  • Size Difference: Ferrets are much larger than chinchillas, with adults reaching up to 18 inches in length and two pounds in weight. Chinchillas, on the other hand, are very small, with adults only reaching up to 12 inches in length and one and a half pounds in weight. This difference in size and strength can lead to conflicts if they were to get too close.
  • Dietary Differences: Ferrets have a diet that consists mainly of protein and fat, while chinchillas primarily feed on hay and other plant materials. Furthermore, chinchillas are sensitive to changes in their diet and their digestive system can easily be disrupted if fed something other than hay or vegetables.
  • Different Sleep Habits: Ferrets and chinchillas have different sleep patterns. Ferrets are most active at dawn and dusk and prefer to sleep during the day, while chinchillas prefer to rest during the day and are most active at night.

Keeping Your Pets Safe

If you decide to keep ferrets and chinchillas together, it is important to take steps in order to create a safe and healthy environment.

  • Provide separate sleeping areas so that each animal can rest safely and undisturbed.
  • Ensure that all foods are properly labeled and that each animal is fed the appropriate diet.
  • Enforce timeouts when either animal is displaying aggressive behavior.
  • Make sure to offer toys and activities to keep them busy and entertained.
  • Provide adequate space and segregate them when either animal is feeling territorial.


Ultimately, it is possible for ferrets and chinchillas to co-exist. However, proper attention and care must be taken in order to ensure that both animals are safe and healthy. With the right conditions and an observant owner, they can, in fact, get along and even become friends.

So, if you’re planning to bring one or the other home, don’t be afraid to try it out – who knows, maybe it will be the start of a long and lovely friendship.

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