Ferret vs Sable

Ferret vs Sable: A Comparative Study

Animals that resemble ferrets, but are usually larger, are called sables. Although often mistaken for one another, ferrets and sables differ in size, coloration, and behavior.


  • Size: Ferrets are typically smaller than sables, reaching about 15-20 inches (38-50 cm) in length, including the tail. Meanwhile, sables can grow as big as 32 inches (81 cm) in length.
  • Colors: Ferrets come in various colors, including black, brown, white, and mixed. On the other hand, sables normally come in a light-brown or grey hue, often with a white underbelly.


Unlike ferrets, sables are solitary animals and don’t require much human contact. Sables are also much more natural hunters and have been known to take down large animals such as badgers and foxes. Ferrets on the other hand, are tame companion animals that often learn tricks and respond to basic commands.

Overall, while they may look similar, ferrets and sables have very different behaviors—making it unlikely they’ll ever be confused as the same species. Knowing the characteristics of each species can help you tell them apart.


In conclusion, ferrets and sables have distinct differences in both appearance and behavior. Ferrets are smaller, come in various colors, and are tame companion animals, while sables are larger, lighter in coloration, and solitary hunters. Regardless, both species make for fascinating companions for those willing and able to meet their needs.

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