Ferret vs Rabbit

Ferret vs Rabbit: Who Wins?

Ferrets and rabbits are both popular small pets, with different qualities to offer potential pet owners. So which one wins when it comes to the debate of which might be a better small pet – a ferret or a rabbit?

Size and Space Requirements

Rabbits are much bigger than ferrets and, as such, require a larger living space. You need to be able to give them at least 24 square feet of space to move around. While ferrets are active, they also love to curl up and sleep and only need about eight square feet of space.

Social Interaction

Ferrets tend to be particularly social animals, while rabbits can interact with other animals. Ferrets are more likely to form strong bonds with humans, and can be taught to do tricks and follow orders. Rabbits are also affectionate, but they need more time than ferrets in order to bond with their owners.


Looking at lifespan, ferrets live for a maximum of about 10 years, while rabbits can live for up to 12 years and, in some cases, even longer. If you want a pet that will be around for a while, a rabbit may be your best option.

Care Requirements

When it comes to care, both rabbits and ferrets need to have their nails and fur groomed on a regular basis. Rabbits, however, will also need to be groomed to prevent fur mats. Ferrets are much more low-maintenance when it comes to grooming than rabbits, which means they may be easier to take care of on a daily basis.

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Both rabbits and ferrets can make excellent pets, but it really depends on your individual needs and preferences. Ferrets are better for those who want easier maintenance and social interaction, while rabbits are a better option for those who want a pet that will be around for longer.

Pros and Cons

  • Ferrets:
    • Less maintenance
    • Very socially interactive
    • Shorter lifespan

  • Rabbits:
    • Easy to groom
    • Longer lifespan
    • Need more space