Ferret vs Possum

Ferret vs Possum

As small mammals, ferrets and possums have their differences and similarities. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart.


A ferret is a small, active mammal with a long slender body, short muzzle and short legs. They range in size from 10 -13 inches (25-33cm) weighing between 1.5-4.0lbs (0.7-1.8kg). Ferrets come in a variety of colors including cinnamon, chocolate, albino and sable.

Possums are a marsupial and have a long thick body with long bushy tail. They grow between 16 -30 inches (40-77cm) in length and 6 -19.8lbs (2.7-9kg) in weight.


Ferrets are quite curious and enjoy playing with items around the house or outside. They are very social animals that enjoy interacting with humans and may even follow you from room to room. Ferrets are also great hunters with a strong sense of smell.

Possums are usually solitary animals but will sometimes travel in groups. Possums are nocturnal, meaning they are more active during the night hours. They are also excellent climbers and are able to easily climb up trees to find food and escape predators.


Ferrets are carnivores, meaning they need a high-protein diet consisting of mostly meats and some fruits and vegetables.

Possums are omnivores, meaning they can eat both plants and meats. Their natural diet consists of insects, frogs, lizards, fruits and even small animals.


Ferrets are well known for their ability to live in homes, as long as they have enough space. They are easily trained and love to explore.

Possums are very adaptable to a variety of habitats from forests to the suburbs. They have the ability to survive in extreme weather conditions and have been known to survive on just a limited diet.

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Both ferrets and possums are small mammals that share some similarities and many differences. Ferrets are carnivores and can live in captivity, while possums are omnivores and are quite adaptable to various habitats. As pets, both species are great companions, though they require different care.