Ferret vs Polecat

Ferret Vs Polecat

Ferrets and polecats are two different animals that are quite similar in appearance. They are both carnivores, nocturnal, and live in dens or underground burrows. Ferrets and polecats can be easily identified since they have very distinct physical characteristics.


  • Physical Features: A ferret has a longer, thinner body than that of a polecat. It’s fur is typically reddish-brown and white along its back, with brown and black facial markings. A polecat has a more stout body with black and white fur and a dark-colored face.
  • Habitat: Pole cats are found in forests, grasslands, and other wild habitats. While ferrets are often kept as domesticated pets, they are closest to wild polecats in terms of habitat preferences.
  • Diet: Polecats mainly hunt live prey such as rabbits, rodents, frogs and birds. Ferrets are more likely to feed on a store-bought diet, consisting of dry food and wet food (or a combination of both).
  • Personality: Polecats are more wild and independent than ferrets, but they can still be tamed and kept as a pet if trained properly. Ferrets are playful and intelligent animals that are known for their curiosity and mischievous behavior.


  • Both animals are related to the weasel family.
  • Both ferrets and polecats are approximately 10-18 inches long.
  • Both species prefer to live in dens or underground burrows.
  • They are both nocturnal, coming out at night to hunt for food.

In conclusion, ferrets and polecats have many similarities and differences when it comes to physical features, habitat, diet, and personality. Both are part of the same species and can be trained to be kept as household pets.

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