Ferret vs Marten

Ferret vs Marten: A Comparison

While Ferret and Marten have a few similarities, there are also many differences between them. Let’s examine the characteristics of both animals and discover their differences.

Physical Characteristics


  • About 13 to 18 inches long from nose to tail tip
  • Pointed nose
  • Close, compact body
  • Long, scaled tail


  • About 15 – 20 inches long
  • Short, rounded nose
  • Lean body with long legs
  • Large, hefty tail



  • Omnivore that enjoys eating small mammals, birds, eggs, reptiles and insects
  • Will often hunt and ambush its prey


  • Carnivore that eats mostly small animals, including birds, rodents and fish
  • Uses stalking and chasing to capture its prey



  • Generally nocturnal
  • Highly social
  • Easily domesticated
  • Known to be curious and playful


  • Usually diurnal
  • Mostly solitary
  • Wild and untamable
  • Generally shy and cautious

In summary, the main differences between a Ferret and a Marten are in their physical characteristics, diet, and behavior. Ferrets are smaller animals with a scaled tail and a pointed nose, while Martens are larger animals with a large hefty tail and a short, rounded nose. When it comes to diet, Ferrets are omnivores while Martens are carnivores. Finally, Ferrets are nocturnal, social and easily tamed, while Martens are diurnal, solitary and wild animals.

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