Ferret vs Hedgehog

Ferret vs Hedgehog: A Comparison of These Two Different Animals.

Ferret and Hedgehog are two unique and fascinating animals, but are often confused. While they may have some similarities, there are key differences in their appearance, habits, and temperament that make them distinct. Let’s compare ferrets vs hedgehogs and look at how they differ.


Ferrets are small mammals that look similar to weasels. They are usually brown, black, or albino with a long, slender body and a pointed face. The soft fur on their body can range from two to four inches in length.

Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are covered in stiff spines and come in a range of colors such as white, brown, grey, and even yellow. They have a more rounded body and face and their spines are usually between one and four inches long.


Ferrets are naturally active and curious animals that like to explore. They can be trained to use a litter box and enjoy the company of humans. They require daily exercise and are nocturnal by nature.

Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are primarily solitary creatures and prefer to be alone. They tend to be active primarily at night and are relatively low-maintenance pets.


Ferrets are naturally friendly and outgoing animals. They can be taught to do tricks, love to play, and are known to cuddle with their owners.

Hedgehogs, however, are not as friendly and may become stressed or scared if interacting with humans. They can be difficult to handle and require more attention, consistency and patience.

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Ferrets and hedgehogs are both amazing animals but differ in many ways.

  • Appearance: Ferrets are weasel-like with soft fur, while hedgehogs are spiny creatures with rounded bodies.
  • Habits: Ferrets are active and social, while hedgehogs are solitary and nocturnal.
  • Temperament: Ferrets are friendly and outgoing, while hedgehogs are more timid and independent.

Both of these animals make great pets for the right owner. Be sure to do some research to decide which one is best for your situation.