Ferret vs Hamster

Ferrets vs Hamsters

Hamsters and ferrets can often be found in pet stores and seen around people’s homes, begging the question: Which one should you choose as your next pet? This article aims to compare both species and help you find the pet that best suits your lifestyle.

Physical Characteristics

  • Ferrets: These animals are small mammals, approximately the size of a guinea pigs. All ferrets have different colors such as black, albino, and brown.
  • Hamsters: These tiny animals are much smaller than ferrets, measuring at around 4 inches. There are numerous colors of hamsters, ranging from black, brown, white, cream, and more.


  • Ferrets: These animals are known to have quite a bit of energy and need to be taken out of their cage regularly in order to get adequate exercise. It is important to give them time outside of their cage in order to promote healthy physical activity.
  • Hamsters: Unlike ferrets, hamsters tend to be quite content and entertaining when in their cages. Provide them with plenty of toys and tunnels and they will stay occupied when confined to their small space.


  • Ferrets: Ferrets are known for their active and playful personalities, and are quite adaptable to humans and other animals.
  • Hamsters: These animals are considered to be solitary and independent. Furthermore, they may take time to get used to human contact and can become easily stressed when exposed to a lot of commotion.


Ultimately, the choice between a ferret and a hamster comes down to individual preference. Ferrets tend to be more active and friendly while hamsters are generally more independent. Whatever pet you choose, make sure to research your new pet beforehand and be sure to provide it with a happy and healthy home.

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