Ferret vs Fisher

Ferret vs Fisher

Furrets and Fishers are both North American carnivores, but they are quite distinct animals. Both have a few common traits, but there are many key differences between the two animals.

Physical Characteristics

The most noticeable difference between a ferret and a fisher is their physical appearance. Ferrets are small, slim-bodied mammals with black eyes and a brown, black, golden or white coat,while a Fisher is a larger and more muscular mammal with a long, thick tail, dark fur and often a white streak along its back.

Diet and Habits

The diet of a ferret is mainly composed of small mammals, while Fishers are primarily carnivores and feed primarily on smaller mammals, birds and insects. Ferrets are also active during the day, while Fishers are active mainly at night.


Ferrets prefer to live in forests or wetlands, and can live in both natural and human-built habitats. Fishers, on the other hand, tend to prefer rocky areas and thickly wooded terrain with access to small bodies of water.


The behavior of a ferret and of a Fisher also differs greatly. Ferrets tend to be more docile and easier to train, while Fishers are more aggressive and harder to train. Ferrets can easily learn commands and behaviors, while Fishers need more time and patience.


Overall, the ferret and Fisher have many differences. While they are both carnivores and inhabit the same continent, their physical characteristics, diet, habitat and behavior vary significantly. Ferrets make for a better pet for someone looking for a domesticated animal, while Fishers are better suited for someone interested in a wild creature.