Do Ferrets Kill or Eat Snakes?

Do Ferrets Kill or Eat Snakes?

Ferrets are small, weasel-like mammals, with a high prey-drive, inquisitive nature, and the uncanny ability to squeeze into tight spaces. This makes them ideal hunters and predators of small critters, but when it comes to snakes, the answer is not so simple.

Can Ferrets Kill Snakes?

Generally speaking, ferrets are not equipped to take on larger animals such as snakes. This means that an adult ferret is unlikely to hunt or kill a snake, especially one of a larger size.

Do Ferrets Eat Snakes?

There have been some cases where ferrets have tried to eat snakes, but it is thought that the ferrets were acting out of curiosity, rather than as a way to get their food. In the wild, ferrets are opportunistic predators, and therefore will eat whatever they can find, including small snakes and rodents.


In conclusion, ferrets are usually not equipped to take on larger animals, such as snakes, and so will generally not hunt or kill snakes. However, ferrets are opportunistic predators and may try to eat snakes if they can catch them. It is best to keep an eye on your pet ferret if it is out in the wild, or if it gets too close to a snake, as even small snakes can be dangerous.

Bottom Line

In general, ferrets will not hunt or kill snakes, but may try to eat them if presented with the opportunity.

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